Our values.

What guides us.

Aqualateral invests in innovation that ensures a water-secure world for all. In pursuit of this mission, we are guided by our company’s ethos and core values. In this manner, we perform the fiduciary obligation we believe necessary to serve as true stewards of water.

1.    We are champions of water.

We are champions of water and hold ourselves to this standard in all that we do. We champion this life-giving resource by placing the needs of communities experiencing acute water insecurity at the center of our strategies. We work with intention, passion, persistence, and foresight to advance sustainable solutions that seek to avert a worsening water crisis for people and the planet. We hold ourselves to the highest standards because we know the future of water – and with it, humanity – demands nothing less. Because time is of the essence, we work diligently to improve our expertise and to share this knowledge as broadly and expeditiously as possible. 

2.  We invest to empower. 

We believe water-security is an individual right best realized through collective action. We invest to catalyze collective action that empowers individuals to claim their right to a water-secure future. By investing in water management and technologies, we empower key groups and individuals who share our vision: innovators developing solutions to enduring water challenges to bring their creations from paper to practice; stakeholders working to ensure that clean, safe water is available and affordable at the local level; and every community and individual who experiences unequal access to the life-giving resource that makes our pale blue dot the one place we all call home. We invest in building a high-performing, respectful, knowledgeable, confident, optimistic, and mission-oriented team. Why? Because we believe that only an empowered team can empower others.  

3.  We are collaborators working on a resource that unites us all. 

Because water insecurity impacts people differently, solutions to these challenges are not uniform. One size does not fit all. This means that collaboration is essential to solving water challenges at every level. If collaboration is essential, so too is diversity. We operate outside of silos. We adopt a forward-looking approach that incorporates dialogue at every level of our operation. We nurture an inclusive workplace that fosters unique skills and perspectives, and encourages creative strategies to solve water insecurity. We know that to be the best collaborators we must be: self-reflective, engaged, empathetic, flexible, creative, and inclusive. Solving the water crisis demands this much – if not, more – of us.   

4.  We believe trust is a must.

Trust is fundamental to every relationship. We invest our resources and energy into building meaningful relationships that establish trust and credibility with community partners, employees, innovators, and shareholders. We believe collective action in water is only possible if we are transparent, authentic, and trustworthy. We acknowledge when strategies need to be adjusted and have the courage to change direction. We believe in speaking truth to power, and that transparent communication is key to fulfilling our mission.   

5.  We focus on transformative and revolutionary opportunities. 

To carry out our mission, we only pursue opportunities that can transform how people think about and access water. We prioritize projects that are meaningful to us, that directly meet urgent needs, and that have the potential to have the greatest impact in a saturated and complex market. We believe that focusing on these projects will allow us to deliver long-term value to communities, investors, innovators, and the planet. 


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