Aqualateral is a multi-asset class investment vehicle committed to solving the greatest environmental challenge of our time: water.

Why we champion water.

Water is essential to human life and critical to both global economic prosperity and social stability. Inextricably linked to human needs, water has an enormous impact on health outcomes and on an individual’s role in society. But the world is facing a water crisis. Climate change, rapid population growth, urbanization, insufficient infrastructure, inequality, and increasing industrial water use all contribute to the crisis. Each presents its own unique challenges. 

Our motivation stems from a simple belief: to effect systemic change and diminish the disproportionate impact of water insecurity on the most vulnerable communities, we must take into consideration the multifaceted nature of water as a resource. 

Our vision.

To ensure a water-secure world for all.

Our mission.

Aqualateral is an innovative investment platform fueled by working with communities to invest in transformative solutions to local and global water crises. 

Our ethics.

Our ethics are grounded in the belief that we are all stewards of the finite resource of water for the benefit of the public good.  

We do not invest to buy, sell, or privatize water.  

Investment decisions are inherently mission-driven – that is, aimed at reaching our goal to solve the water crisis. 

Investment decisions are underpinned by a deep belief that water is crucial to the full and equal participation of all people in society.  

We operate and invest in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

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