Investment approach.

Investing to empower.

Aqualateral invests capital to catalyze long-term, innovative, and scalable solutions that we believe will change the future of water access, availability, and quality. 

We invest across a variety of asset classes and stages, because we know that the global water crisis is not a singular issue, and demands a comprehensive approach to truly solve the many problems. Our flexible approach ensures that capital is deployed strategically to address the diverse challenges that water insecurity creates for people and communities all around the world.

We pursue investment opportunities that address real human needs when it comes to solving water challenges. By working with communities experiencing acute water insecurity to better understand their needs, we ensure our investment approach is shaped by diverse voices, and our capital is directed towards solutions that can meet the needs of people all over the world.

We are committed to investing in solutions that will have a transformative impact on how water is accessed, treated, distributed or managed. We rely on unique evaluation frameworks to ensure that we are investing in opportunities that generate value for communities, investors, innovators, and the planet.


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